One central command
to keep on top of things

Why choose CoreF&B?

One-Stop Solution for your front and back end needs.

Scalable. CoreF&B grows with you on your business journey, no matter how big you get.

Cloud-based and accessible whenever you need, wherever you are.

Sales and operations in one seamless platform

Across the front-of-house, kitchen and even back-office operations, CoreF&B has got you covered.

Leave juggling multiple apps and software behind. Effortlessly manage your point-of-sales, customer orders, kitchen operations, inventory and supply chain, staffing and other administrative needs on a single CoreF&B platform.

CoreF&B also introduces smart automation to your business. Features such as central kitchen management, auto stock replenishment and automatic attendance tracking ensure you can focus on what’s most important.

Keep track of your business
in real-time

Get real-time data visibility into your business like never before.

CoreF&B provides an intuitive dashboard for you to manage processes and track sales, inventory, KPIs, expenses and other key data you need at a glance.

All accurate, all in real-time. Start making data-driven business decisions and seize growth today.

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